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SEN TA - Moving and Handling

Job Description

Job Title: Moving and Handling Teaching Assistant

Main Purpose: As a crucial member of the Moving and Handling team, you will play a vital role in ensuring the safe mobility of students within our school sites, enabling them to access the curriculum effectively. Under the guidance of the Moving and Handling Lead/SLT, you will plan, prepare, and deliver support programs tailored to the needs of individual students.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare and deliver support programs to individuals and groups, following the direction of the Moving and Handling Lead. Assess, record, and report on student development, progress, and achievement.
  2. Collaborate with staff and relevant professionals, providing necessary information about students as required.
  3. Utilize teaching objectives to plan, evaluate, and adjust lessons/work plans within established supervision frameworks.
  4. Assess student needs and apply specialist skills to support their learning effectively.

Additionally, Teaching Assistants in this role may undertake:

  1. Development and implementation of Individual Development Plans for students, including participation in reviews.
  2. Support for parents/carers in students' learning journey, providing constructive feedback on progress.
  3. Contribution to policy and procedure development.
  4. Cover supervision of classes when necessary.
  5. Supervision and development of other classroom support staff.
  6. Management of materials and resources.
  7. Regular liaison with external agencies.
  8. Assistance with students' personal care needs while promoting independence.

Health and Safety: Adherence to policies and procedures concerning child protection, health, safety, security, confidentiality, and data protection is imperative. Any concerns should be promptly reported to the appropriate authority.

Job Context:

  • Work collaboratively within a team to support student learning.
  • Deliver specified learning activities under the guidance of a teacher/SLT member.
  • Independently plan, prepare, and deliver learning, with a focus on assessment, recording, and reporting.
  • Take responsibility for assessing student learning needs and providing appropriate activities.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Proficiency in supporting and leading learning activities.
  • Relevant qualifications and training, including NVQ Level 3 or equivalent.
  • Strong communication skills for engaging with individuals and groups.
  • Compliance with relevant policies and procedures.
  • Ability to manage resources and equipment effectively.


  • Direct supervision from senior management or designated teachers.
  • Responsibility for the supervision and development of other Teaching Assistants.

Problems, Demands & Decisions:

  • Follow detailed instructions, with limited scope for discretion.
  • Handle mentally and emotionally demanding situations, including behavior management.
  • Regular involvement with students with special educational needs.


  • Responsible for handling small amounts of cash and ordering supplies.
  • Utilization of appropriate equipment for teaching and learning activities.
  • Responsible for the safe use and maintenance of equipment.

Physical Effort:

  • Combination of standing, sitting, walking, and assisting students in hydrotherapy pools.

Working Environment:

  • Support may be required for students with toileting needs.
  • Involvement in clearing up bodily fluids after accidents or sudden illness.
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