About Dunbar Education & APSCo

APSCo is the premier organisation for the recruitment industry, advocating for the most rigorous standards of professionalism in the recruitment process and supporting a business culture that prioritises ethical practices.

Dunbar Education - APSCo Compliance+ Accredited

Being an APSCo+ Certified organisation means that our team here at Dunbar Education must adhere to a strict code of professional conduct and ethical behaviour, with each being required to comply with APSCo+ requirements of professionalism, integrity and quality of service. We are proud to offer our customers and candidates a trusted, transparent, and professional recruitment service, as evidenced by our APSCo+ accreditation.

By committing to upholding these high standards, Dunbar Education is proud to demonstrate our commitment to ethical and compliant business practices in recruitment and a level of customer service excellence which is simply second to none.

Who are APSCo?

APSCo UK is a leading British recruitment industry association that provides a global platform for firms in the professional sectors. Through supplying comprehensive resources, effective advocacy, beneficial networks, and unparalleled support, they equip start-ups to multinational companies with the tools they need to attain and sustain success, proficiency, and adherence to regulations. Established in 1999, they have become the prominent spokesperson of the professional recruitment sector, delivering first-class services that make a tangible difference to its members.

Find out more about APSCo here.

Crown Commerical Service (CCS)

Did you know we're named as a supplier on the Crown Commerical Service (CCS)? This accreditation highlights our commitment to fair, compliant and efficient recruitment practices. Find out more here.

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