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Half Term - how can teachers wind down and switch off over the break? 4 helpful tips!

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author: Leah Baker

You’ve got through however many lockdowns.

You got through all the online/remote teaching.

You made it to the 8th of March 2021 and returned to some kind of ‘normality’ by returning to school and the classroom.

It is half term again and it is time to unwind. You need to ensure you take this time to switch off.

For the last year, we understand the boundaries of work and home has been blurred due to working remotely. Now you have spent the last term back in school, we are sure there is going to be lots going on/to do ready for the new term ahead.

However, with the ever-changing rules and government updates, and with the eagerness to prepare for the new term we are sure you have not taken advantage of the half-terms leading up to this, and we would highly recommend to do just that – take advantage of it. Relax. Clock-off.

Your mind has had less chance to do this without the physical action of ‘leaving school’ for so long, and it has only been around 3 weeks you’ve had the chance to get back into this routine.

Remove the risk of burn-out from all the pressure that has built up over this rollercoaster of a year.

How can I break away from the pressure of school?

It doesn’t make you a bad person if you are not checking in on your emails all the time, so try reducing the amount you do this and make your time, yours.

I know that is much easier said than done, and we wouldn’t recommend dropping everything if the stress of this is going to make it worse for yourself.

But take this time to try and learn new habits to relax and calm the mind. Practice and find what works for you.

We would recommend lessening the time you use technology considering teaching is much more focused in this now. Get off social media and get outside.

Use your phone to track how much screen time you are using. I get that it feels like you are switching off and becoming lost in something else – on the contrary, think about how much time is being wasted when you could be filling that with something fun, creating memories, being creative, starting a hobby. We’ve already wasted so much time due to the pandemic!

Give yourself a try and give it a go. Why not delete an app to dip your toes in the water without overwhelming yourself. Take the pressure away of that subconscious checking. This will help with the mindset when it comes to work too.

What about marking and planning over half term?

Leave it alone.

That’s it.

Teachers work an estimated 60+ hours a week. Give yourself break and leave the marking and planning alone. Or if it’s going to play on your mind, try do it on the first day of the holiday and enjoy the rest of it.


I know this seems to be forced upon you at every second and can be quite overwhelming if you are not in the right mindset and sometimes this is the last thing on your mind after a busy term. However, endorphins are a thing and you will feel better. Don’t overdo it, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Do something light. Believe me, you will feel good afterwards.


You woke up during a time that’s in the double figures and its now lunch time. Oops!

This is ok! Sleep is so important and if you sleep in, your body clearly needed it, so do not feel guilty about it.

It’s scientific fact and highly recommended that if you do not get enough sleep, you are at high risk of affecting your health.

Have fun, do you and enjoy it.

If the sense of dread is creeping in before the break has even started, maybe It’s time you move on.

Let us help you!

It’s not right feeling like you do not want to go back to school. So maybe it’s time to move on?

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