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Dunbar Celebrates World Teachers’ Day and this is how you can too!

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Leah Baker

We hope you all had a wonderful World Teachers’ Day!

Did you know this year is the 27th anniversary of World Teacher’s Day?

However, here at Dunbar Education, we believe every day should be ‘Teachers’ Day’.

Teachers and students, alike, know what it's like to be in the trenches. Teachers work tirelessly every day for their students' success, often sacrificing time with family and friends.

We all want to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Who better than teachers? They do this by creating an environment where learning is exciting for both kids and adults.

Teaching is a tough profession that not many people have the patience or dedication for - but those who have are truly special individuals. It's important to recognise them on the days they're teaching because without them we wouldn't have a path forward!

Every day should be Teacher's Day so let's take some time today to thank someone who has made a profound impact on you.

This year’s theme was “Teachers at the heart of education recovery” – how fitting after the intense couple of years the COVID-19 pandemic forced upon us.

What is World Teachers’ Day?

World Teacher’s Day is a universal celebration that was established in 1994. It’s the same day every year on the 5th October which marks the anniversary of signing important criteria, covering teacher’s rights and conditions which came into place in 1966.

In this blog, Dunbar Education have put together some ideas on how you can celebrate your favourite teachers this World Teachers’ Day or to prepare for the next.

How can you say thank you to your colleagues?

Every single day, teachers are making a difference in the lives of their students and shaping the future of our world. This year, we celebrate all educators.

What better way to thank teachers than by giving them a break from grading work and getting out for some fun? We've compiled these small, but impactful activities that will show your gratitude:

- Host an appreciation potluck – share what you're grateful for with your fellow educators.

-Take a time out – spend at least 20 minutes doing something you enjoy (reading, playing games)

- Get your class to create thank you cards/ messages for other teachers in the school they would like to show some appreciation to.

- Create a ‘memory tree’ with your students with their positive memories of the last month/term/year.

- Incorporate the curriculum and use these ideas a tool to go through what your students have learned this year.

You could always swap classes in the same year group your students have that freedom to create a surprise for their class teacher.

Hearing your student’s feedback can make teaching worthwhile. Passionate individuals who strive to improve make the best teachers!

When you think about the things that are important to you, do they include teaching? Teaching is an essential part of life. We all have a responsibility to teach one another how to be better people and make this world a happier place. And it doesn’t stop at our own children--every time we help someone learn something new or answer their question with patience, kindness, and thoughtfulness, it makes us feel good.

It would be nice if there was some way for teachers to show appreciation for what they do every day without having any other reward than knowing that they made the world just a little bit brighter by sharing knowledge with others. For now, though, thanking them verbally when appropriate seems like as close as we can come!

If you are passionate, we are looking to hire new teachers. If you would like more information or are thinking about making a move, please do get in touch with Dunbar Education. We are proud to work in Education, proud of our teachers and #proudofwhatwedo.