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Dunbar Education gives back and we would appreciate if you could too!

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author: Leah Baker

Dunbar Education wants to ensure that it gives back to the community, that's why we make sure that we take part in different events throughout the year to raise money for charity or donate to causes.

This year, we decided that we would ensure that every year, we will schedule in a fundraiser day where the whole company takes part in raising money to give back to a charity.

We have also given the opportunity to our staff to have an extra days annual leave, this will allow them to take part in their own charity fundraisers outside of work.

This year, Dunbar Education has decided to work with a Foundation very close to one of our team members hearts. Shaynie (our wonderful Compliance Administrator) has a brother that was born with a disability called SATB2 associate syndrome.

SATB2-associated syndrome is a condition that affects several body systems. It is characterised by intellectual disability, severe speech problems, dental abnormalities, other abnormalities of the head and face (craniofacial anomalies), and behavioural problems. Some of the common features can be described using the acronym SATB2 (which is the name of the gene involved in the condition): severe speech anomalies, abnormalities of the palate, teeth anomalies, behaviour issues, with or without bone or brain anomalies, and onset before age 2.

During the diagnosis stages, it can be very difficult time for families and with Mental Health Awareness month this May, we want to share Maria and Kai’s story. (Shaynie’s Mum & Brother).

To read Maria’s story, click here.

What we are doing!

The team here at Dunbar Education is taking part in a rather different 5k to raise £500 for this special cause!

On Saturday 28th May, Team Dunbar will be at Willen Lake, taking part in Milton Keynes Color Obstacle Rush. The whole team will be with 20 obstacles, 6 colour stations, 20 music zones, foam and more, running, climbing, and getting covered in paint!


How you can get involved!

We have set up a GOFUNDME page with the hopes of raising £500 for this special cause.


The founders of Dunbar Education (Matt & Dan) have kindly said they will DOUBLE whatever is raised!

Any donation, big or small, or even just sharing our story – will make a HUGE difference to this special charity.

To donate, click here!


SATB2’s logo and story -

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