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Changing Your Recruitment Agency: A Guide for Teaching Staff

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Joe Shipton

​Recruitment agencies play a vital role in helping teachers find short-term, long-term, and daily supply roles. They can take the stress out of job searching by organising pay, and other issues that arise when taking on supply work. However, not all agencies are created equal, and sometimes it's necessary to switch to a new agency. In this article, we'll explore why you might want to change your recruitment agency and how to go about doing so.

Why Change Recruitment Agencies?

There are several reasons why you might want to change your recruitment agency:

  • The agency isn't meeting your standards: You may find that the agency isn't providing the level of service you expect, such as not finding you enough work, not providing adequate support, or not paying you on time.

  • You want to try a new agency: Perhaps you've heard good things about another agency and want to try them out to see if they're a better fit.

  • You want more flexibility: By working with multiple agencies, you'll have access to more job opportunities and can choose the agency that offers the best work or benefits.

Your Options for Changing Educational Recruitment Agencies

If you're currently working with one agency, there's no reason you can't switch to another agency or work with multiple agencies at the same time. This can increase your chances of finding work that suits you best. However, if you're on a Secure Guaranteed Pay (SGP) or equivalent contract, you'll need to check your contract to ensure you're not violating any terms.

It’s easy to get started with Dunbar Education, either apply for one of our jobs, or get in touch with us here.

Why Choose Dunbar Education as Your Recruitment Agency?

At Dunbar Education, we believe that we can offer you the best service as your education recruitment agency. Our team is committed to listening to your needs and connecting you with top-quality schools. Here's what we offer:

  • Transparency: We provide full transparency about each role, including the nature and future prospects, pay and benefits, and the school's details.

  • Support: Our team is always available to take your queries and provide support whenever you need it.

  • Flexibility: We understand that you may want to try other agencies, and we're happy to provide you with options that suit your needs.

Don't just take our word for it – check out what other teachers and employers have to say about us.

 "My experience with Dunbar Education has been a very positive one. I was granted an interview by George just after few days of submitting my application. His excellent interpersonal skills made me felt very relaxed and welcomed during the interview process. George offers jobs taking into consideration my individual circumstances. Checking on me regarding assignment already undertaken is a big asset. Shaynie has worked with me during the compliance stage and her guidance has been helpful resulting in lesser waiting times. I highly recommend Dunbar Education if you are looking for a professional and welcoming agency to work with"

"Lovely company! I’ve been with it now for less that a month, in that time, my amazing consultant Charlotte has got me all set up and out to work all within less than 2 weeks. She as well as the other consultants have been amazing, if I ever have a problem, it’s sorted that day and they always get back to me so quickly. I haven’t got a bad word to say at all."

"I had an amazing experience working with Dunbar Education. They were incredibly professional and helpful thought the entire process. Specially Kieran, who has outstanding communication skills, and helped me feel supported and confident. Overall, I think this is a great choice if you want to explore different placements and schools until you find your right fit!"

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As a teacher, you're in control of your recruitment, and you should choose the agency that best suits your needs. If you're considering switching agencies, Dunbar Education is here to help. Contact us today to find out more about how we can support you in your job search.

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