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Dunbar Education: Teaching Interviews Masterclass

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago
  • Author: Kieran Wallbank

Interviews can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience, but if you've been shortlisted, then take heart – Dunbar Education believes in you and is intrigued by your potential.

Teaching interviews are not solely about your academic understanding or technical prowess. More than that, they serve to establish your compatibility with the school's ethos and how well you align with its objectives.

With this blog, Kieran from Dunbar Education shares invaluable interview tips to strengthen your chances during the process. These suggestions form a robust groundwork for you to confidently present your best teaching attributes.


Preparing for the Interview

Understand the school: To impress your interviewer, demonstrate a keen interest in their specific school and not just any institution that might offer you a job. Familiarize yourself with what distinguishes this school from others. What's the attraction for you? Scour the school's website and local news for recent achievements, novel initiatives, or an elevated OFSTED rating.

Prepare your queries: Any information that eludes your research can be formulated into questions for your interview. Enquire about the school's culture or their long-term goals and how you can contribute towards them. There's no harm in taking notes to the interview – in fact, it projects a prepared and serious candidate.

Craft your pitch: Much like any interview scenario, you need to sell your unique qualities to the interviewer. Reflect on what differentiates you as a teacher, your educational philosophy, and your teaching methodology.


During the Interview

Dress appropriately: This may seem obvious, but it's important to remember that your appearance makes a statement. Dress smartly, but ensure you are comfortable to avoid unnecessary fidgeting.

Project confidence: No matter how you may feel, show your confidence during the interview. The interviewer should sense that you can maintain authority in a classroom.

Stay relaxed: While demonstrating your capability to manage a classroom, it's equally important to showcase your ability to create a relaxed atmosphere for students and integrate smoothly with your colleagues.

Rounding Up

By integrating these 6 interview tips, you will have a robust foundation to present the best version of yourself. At Dunbar Education, we intimately understand the schools we work with and offer comprehensive interview guidance at every step. To discover how we can assist you in securing your next teaching role, explore our current openings or register with us today.​