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Succeed in Supply Teaching: Essential Tips and Tricks

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 months ago
  • Author: Joe Shipton

Supply teachers are the backbone of education, stepping into classrooms with enthusiasm and expertise. Whether you're a fully qualified teacher, a Cover Supervisor, or an Early Years Practitioner, your role is very important. 

But are you wondering about the success and challenges of being a supply teacher? In this blog post, we will guide you through the simple yet impactful tips and tricks to help you in succeeding as a supply teacher. 

Let’s get in!

  1. Choosing the Right Supply Teaching Agency

When starting your role as a supply teacher, begin with selecting the right agency. Opting for reputable agencies plays an important role here. These organisations not only connect you with quality opportunities but also ensure a smoother experience. 

Our commitment to matching qualified educators with fitting roles is highly rated amongst educators. By connecting yourself with such a reliable agency, you set the foundation for a successful and rewarding supply teaching career. 

It's not just about finding any agency; it's about finding the right one for your professional growth.

  1. Dress Professionally

Dressing is an important aspect of your role as a supply teacher. Go for smart-casual office wear as your go-to style, creating a polished and approachable image. However, be mindful of the specific demands of your role; for instance, if you're handling a PE class, dress accordingly. 

However, the way you present yourself significantly influences first impressions and your credibility as a teacher. So, dress the part, make a statement, and make your way for a successful teaching experience.

  1. Stay Organised

In supply teaching bookings can come in at a moment's notice. So, staying organised is very important. Recognising the last-minute nature of assignments, it's wise to be on standby, ready to collaborate with the supply agency efficiently. 

This not only ensures prompt role fulfilment but also increases the chances of being called back for potential long-term assignments.

Moreover, organising materials and having a clear lesson plan are essential components of this preparation. Keeping your teaching tools in order and having a roadmap for the day creates confidence in both yourself and your students. 

  1. Be Punctual

Arriving punctually is a vital aspect of successful supply teaching. Your punctuality shows respect for the students under your care. Being there when they arrive or a bit earlier isn't just a gesture; it's a commitment to their learning environment. 

On the first day, punctuality sets the tone, creating a positive first impression that can last. Beyond the initial impact, consistent timeliness reflects professionalism in time management, emphasising your reliability as a supply teacher. 

Remember, your responsibility begins the moment those classroom doors open, and being there promptly is a simple yet powerful way to fulfil that responsibility effectively.

  1. Treat Students and Staff with Respect

When working as a supply teacher, treating students and staff with respect is fundamental for a successful experience. 

Firstly, building respect with students creates a positive classroom environment. Secondly, showing respect is key to establishing authority. Students respond positively when they feel respected, making it easier to manage the class effectively. 

Lastly, building positive relationships with colleagues contributes to a fulfilling work experience. Open communication and a collaborative spirit create a supportive atmosphere, enhancing the overall teaching and learning environment. 

Remember, a respectful approach forms the foundation for a successful and enjoyable time in your supply teaching role.


In conclusion, success as a supply teacher depends on simple yet impactful principles – dress professionally, stay organised, be punctual, and above all, treat students and staff with respect. 

However, for a fulfilling supply teaching journey, connect with Dunbar Education. Our expertise and support will guide you towards rewarding roles, ensuring a positive and enriching experience in the education industry.