Harry Ryan
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Harry Ryan

Recruitment Consultant

About Harry

Regions & Roles Covered:
Harry specialises in recruiting for Secondary Schools based in South West London & Surrey. With his keen understanding of the region and its unique needs, he's the ideal consultant to ensure schools find the right fit.

Before stepping into his current role, Harry was instrumental in resourcing candidates for South London, Kent, and Surrey. This experience has given him a comprehensive understanding of the recruitment landscape in these areas.

What Harry Loves About Recruitment:
Harry is all about connections. He finds immense satisfaction in building relationships and making successful placements. In his words, "Building Relationships and making placements" is the essence of what he does and loves.

Life Outside Dunbar Education:
When he's not making recruitment magic happen, Harry is practising his kickboxing moves, ensuring he's always on top of his game both in and out of the office.

Fun Facts About Harry:

  • Favourite Quote: "Aspire to inspire before you expire." A testament to his drive to make a positive impact.

  • Past Life: Harry's quite convinced that in another life, he swung between skyscrapers as Spiderman.

  • Lottery Dreams: If luck ever came knocking with a lottery win, Harry would pack his bags and set off to travel the world.

  • Alternative Career: If he wasn't so exceptional at recruitment, Harry believes he'd be making waves in the sales sector.

  • Desired Superpower: The ability to fly. Because who wouldn't want to soar above the clouds?

If you're a Secondary School in South West London or Surrey, or a candidate eager to make a mark in these regions, Harry Ryan is your go-to consultant. With his expertise, passion, and dedication, success is just around the corner.

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