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Behavioural Support

Job Description

We are seeking a motivated and professional Behaviour Support to join our school team in Milton Keynes. The successful candidate will have experience of working with young people and an excellent understanding of effective behaviour management strategies.

The primary responsibility of the Behaviour Support is to provide individualised support to children and young people aged 4-18 who require additional behaviour guidance. You will help develop programmes that teach students better behaviour techniques as well as ensuring students remain safe at all times. As a Behaviour Support, you must be prepared to work independently and be self-motivated in order to assist young people effectively.

Key responsibilities:

  • Work collaboratively with other teachers, social workers and school leaders in the development and implementation of individual behaviour plans for pupils
  • Utilise positive behavioural intervention techniques when managing challenging behaviours in pupils
  • Model appropriate classroom conduct for both staff and students alike
  • Develop trusting relationships with parents/carers in order to keep them informed about the progress their child is making
  • Monitor student's engagement within the curriculum, attendance levels, pastoral care, academic performance and any extra curricular activities they may be involved in

Skills and qualifications:

  • Experience of working with young people who display challenging behaviour is essential
  • Ability to remain calm and approach situations objectively when managing difficult behaviour
  • Excellent communication skills - written, verbal & listening skills
  • Able to assess risk associated with specific scenarios or interactions

If you are looking for a rewarding opportunity in Milton Keynes and have the right qualifications and skills, then please send us your CV today!