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Photography Technician

Job Description

We are seeking a dedicated and skilled Photography Technician to join a vibrant secondary school in Watford. This is a permanent position with an immediate start date, offering an exciting opportunity for an individual passionate about supporting creative education.

Role Responsibilities:

  1. Technical Support: Provide technical assistance and support to students and staff in the photography department, ensuring the smooth operation of equipment such as cameras, lighting, and editing software.

  2. Equipment Maintenance: Oversee the maintenance and upkeep of photography equipment, including regular checks, troubleshooting, and arranging repairs as needed.

  3. Classroom Assistance: Collaborate with photography teachers to facilitate practical lessons, offering guidance to students during practical sessions and projects.

  4. Resource Management: Manage and organise photographic resources, including maintaining an inventory of equipment, ordering supplies, and ensuring a safe and tidy working environment.

  5. Training and Workshops: Assist in providing training sessions for students on the proper use of photography equipment and software, as well as organising workshops to enhance students' technical skills.

  6. Health and Safety Compliance: Ensure that health and safety regulations are adhered to within the photography department, conducting risk assessments and promoting a safe working environment.

  7. Exhibition Support: Contribute to the preparation and setup of photography exhibitions, showcasing students' work within the school community.


The successful candidate should possess the following qualifications and experience:

  1. Educational Background: A relevant qualification in photography or a related field is desirable.

  2. Technical Proficiency: Demonstrable expertise in operating and maintaining photography equipment, including digital cameras, lighting, and editing software.

  3. Experience in an Educational Setting: Previous experience in a similar role within a secondary school or educational institution is advantageous.

  4. Communication Skills: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate with students, teachers, and other staff members.

  5. Organisational Skills: Excellent organizational skills with the ability to manage resources, equipment, and maintain a tidy and efficient working environment.

  6. Passion for Education: A genuine passion for supporting students in their creative endeavors and contributing to the overall success of the photography department.