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SEMH Teacher with QTS

Job Description

Looking to make a real impact on the lives of individuals facing social, emotional, and mental health difficulties?

We are seeking an experienced and dedicated teacher with a passion for working with students with SEMH difficulties to join our school in Stevenage!

At Dunbar Education, we believe in providing a customized and enriching learning experience for every child and young person. In this role, you will work with students facing a range of challenges including physical disabilities, sensory impairments, speech and language difficulties, dyslexia, autism, and social, emotional, and mental health needs.

As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to establish strong relationships with your students, providing tailored learning resources and support that help them achieve academic success while prioritizing their emotional and mental well-being.


  • Prepare lessons and resources.
  • Develop and adapt teaching methods to meet the individual needs of pupils.
  • Assess children with long or short-term learning difficulties and work with colleagues to identify their special needs.
  • Ensure that the requirements of the Equality Act (2010) are met in terms of reasonable adjustments and access arrangements, working with the head teacher and governing body.
  • Liaise with other professionals such as social workers, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, and educational psychologists.
  • Work closely with parents and guardians.
  • Organize learning outside the classroom, such as community visits, school outings, or sporting events.
  • Assist in the personal care and medical needs of severely disabled pupils.
  • Create behaviour support plans that focus on areas where students need to improve.
  • Carry out administrative tasks, including updating and maintaining records of pupils' progress.
  • Attend statutory annual reviews or other related meetings, such as Looked After Child (LAC) reviews, regarding students with special educational needs (SEN), which may involve reviewing education, health, and care (EHC) plans.

To be considered for this role, you must be a qualified teacher with QTS status, have experience working with students with SEN and SEMH difficulties, and possess knowledge of effective behaviour management strategies and interventions for students with social, emotional, and mental health challenges. You should also be able to work collaboratively in a team environment and be passionate about making a difference in the lives of students with SEMH difficulties.

If you are interested in this position, please get in touch now. You can call us on 07480 609173.