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Living and Teaching in the UK – 6 reasons why you should take the opportunity!

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author: Leah Baker

Are you a teacher living overseas? Are you thinking about your next career move? Teaching in the UK could be exactly what you are looking for.

Are UK schools more challenging?

You may have heard that schools in the UK are more challenging and every school can come with its own unique set of behavioural tests.

However, these factors will always vary depending on personal experiences and will also be dependent on you. I have worked within teaching in a variety of schools back in the day and the most experienced, well respected teachers of particular schools would always comment on how they would take working in a school in a ‘less privileged’ area any day.

This is down to the student’s themselves. Yes, behaviour may be slightly more difficult (you can read our tips for behaviour here but the comments on the student’s themselves having more respect once the trust has been gained and watching the student’s develop is much more rewarding.

And that’s what teaching is all about right? Watching your student’s grow and develop, learn and make an impact. And you are right to feel proud to know that you had input in that. Teachers are heroes.

Different points of view

No two teachers are the same. Everyone is influenced in different ways and we all learn differently – which you are aware from the specialism you are working in!

So do no let others experience or perception put you off if you are thinking about taking the leap of teaching in the UK.

Your techniques could be the thing that school is looking for. Your learnings, education and teaching style may completely differ and have a positive impact, which will make it so worthwhile if you are thinking about taking that new venture.

And remember, a challenge never hurt anyone. You may well come across a more complicated class or student, but that challenge is going to help YOU develop your skills. Taking the opportunity that seems a bit more daunting will allow you to expand your knowledge and general resilience. This will make you a more confident teacher for future experiences.

What are you doing?

It’s ok to get advice from peers that have the experience. But when you listen to other’s perception, have a think about the circumstance too.

Understand their circumstances and why they may have had a difficult time if they are speaking form a negative perspective. It could be one of the best choices you have ever made.

What is the contract type they worked within?

Working as a ‘supply teacher’ or ‘relief’ teaching is a common option that overseas teachers take before securing a role to find the right position for them. But this may not always be the best way to gauge that opinion, as moving from school to school will take time to get to know the students and procedures. From doing this, you probably will come across some challenges, but this will happen inside and outside of the UK.

However, supply teaching is beneficial if you do like to test the waters and will also throw you into numerous ventures. The experience gained from doing this will only encourage your development.

Also, if you are working as a supply teacher, it can open many doors and give you more opportunity to get your foot in the door in a variety of schools. For more information, click here.

If you are coming to work within the UK with us here at Dunbar Education, the majority of our  international teachers will come over and work on contracts or long-term supply to make it worth your while to make such a big move.

Top Tips

  • Work with an agency with consultants who have experience of living and teaching in the UK

  • Speak to fellow teachers who have experience, ask for advice, but also think what is right for you

  • Work with an agency who can provide schools that offer professional development programmes, this could include behaviour management if this is a concern of yours

  • If interviewing with a school in the UK remotely, ask the school questions that concern you. For example, the development they can offer, the capacity, the support for overseas teachers

I’ve heard the pay isn’t great for teachers in the UK?

Of course, pay is important and you need to ensure you can afford to make this change, but pay is not the only deciding factor on whether it is worth relocating to the UK to teach.

Pay is relative to you and your goals. Ensure you budget and you have enough money to travel as well as bills, accommodation, food, clothing etc.

London obviously is very appealing to many, but it is expensive. However, there are so many opportunities in the city and an experience of a lifetime.

If the big city is not for you, the UK is very lucky to have many beautiful areas for a more quiet and rural way of living with achievable and affordable areas to live.

If you are looking for nature, the sea, or city lights – the UK has it all!

Top Tips

  • Before planning your trip, get advice on budgeting

  • Have enough savings for anything unexpected financially

  • Get advice regarding places to live, speak to an agency who can help offer advice and support

  • There are lots of house-shares! It is much cheaper, and you can meet friends for life

To conclude, remember teaching overseas does not have to be forever. However, you will never know how much you may love it until you try it!

It’s so important to work with a knowledgeable teaching agency and having that support will make it a much easier transition.

If you have any concerns regarding Brexit, we have written a helpful blog here with further information from the UK’s government .

If you would like some further information and chat with what opportunities we have available, get in touch with one of our friendly and experienced consultants today.