Leah Baker
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Leah Baker

HR Admin & Office Manager

About Leah

​Leah is an all round superstar within the team here at Dunbar! She manages the office, assists the Directors and consultants any way she can, manages all HR related functions, and manages all social media platforms for Dunbar Education and iCan Teach UK. Previously working in HR and NHS recruitment, she was also an SEN teaching assistant and Drama teacher in a secondary school back in the day, so understands the education field well!

Some random facts about Leah – she has recorded an album in a band and played the Garage in London. She has also appeared on Songs of Praise on the BBC! She has a first-class degree in Media Performance where she directed a theatre for education piece for children in schools.

In her spare time, she enjoys music, going to gigs, enjoys travelling and has an unhealthy obsession with leopard print. She also has a 5-month old Chihuahua puppy, who is the best. He is learning to recall so loves to take him on lots of woodland walks off his lead. She is at her most content under trees and listening to music.

In her own words.....

What I love about my role is that I'm always busy and there's always something to do. I love that my role is versatile and that I can help people. It's great that I can have so much input in different functions of the company.

My favourite quote is “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

If I was to win the lottery tomorrow, I would open a vintage/second hand clothing boutique. I really enjoy working with people and the conversations you have, but would love to incorporate that with my love of fashion. OR own a farm to look after all the animals.

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be to teleport. Would love to be able to see the world without the hours of travel.

The best advice someone has given me is “Never give up and always do what makes you happy"

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