Maddie Lewis
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Maddie Lewis

Regional Manager

About Maddie

Maddie is the Regional Manager of the Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes team here at Dunbar Education. She works in partnership with local schools by sourcing the best talent and managing supply needs, finding education professionals their perfect role and supporting an amazing team of Education Recruitment Consultants in their development and career. Maddie has over 7 years of Education Recruitment experience working with local schools, EYFS settings and SEN provisions. She is also a School Governor at a local primary school. Before this, she travelled the world working as a Holiday Representative. 

Maddie loves helping and meeting new people and wanted a career where she could really make a difference and utilise her skills. Her family also have a background in education, so the interest has always been there!

 Maddie regularly visits schools and works with our candidates closely, even after their placements and goes above and beyond to give outstanding service.

In her spare time, Maddie likes to run and ran a marathon which raised £500 for charity. She likes to follow this up by drinking lots of Prosecco!

In her own words......

What I love about my role is inspiring my team and building solid relationships with schools and candidates. Finding the perfect role for our candidates is the reason why I have worked in recruitment for so long!

My favourite quote is “If you can dream it, you can achieve it"

If I was to win the lottery tomorrow, I would open up a school

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be flying, so I can travel the world for free!

The best advice someone has given me is learn something new every day.

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